måndag 12 november 2007


Den 20 november 19.00 visas “THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK”på SF Park BIO, Sturegatan 18

About the movie:

THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK exposes the tragedy taking place in Darfur as seen through the eyes of an American witness who has since returned to the US to take action to stop it.

Using the exclusive photographs and first hand testimony of former U.S. Marine Captain Brian Steidle, THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK takes the viewer on an emotionally charged journey into the heart of Darfur, Sudan, where an Arab run government is systematically executing a plan to rid the province of it’s black African citizens. As an official military observer, Steidle had access to parts of the country that no journalist could penetrate. He was unprepared for what he would witness and experience, including being fired upon, taken hostage, and being unable to intervene to save the lives of young children. Ultimately frustrated by the inaction of the international community, Steidle resigned and returned to the US to expose the images and stories of lives systematically destroyed.

The ticket prices are as follows: (100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to organizations working with this crisis)
250SEK supporter
500SEK sponsor (includes a signed copy of Brian’s book)
1000SEK change agent (provides seed funding for a social project in Darfur)

To Purchase Tickets: email thedevilcameonhorseback@gmail.com
And Make direct payment to: The Devil Came on Horseback
Handelsbanken, Clearing #: 6110, Acct#: 610 527 002
Please be sure to indicate your name and number of tickets during payment.

Efter filmen blir det möjligt att diskutera med Brian och andra experter om krisen i Darfur.
Vad sägs bloggare skall vi gå på bio tillsammans


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Matilda Wallin sa...

Vi har ett program torsd 22 nov kl 19 på Internationella biblioteket med Brian Steidle. Han kommer då att prata om boken "The devil came on horseback" som ligger till grund för filmen med samma namn.


Matilda Wallin, Internationella biblioteket

Thomas Carlgren sa...

Och här är adressen

Internationella Biblioteket
Odengatan 59

Anonym sa...

OBs! Onsdag den 21 november kl 19, ej den 22:e

Margaret / New York Stories

Thomas Carlgren sa...

På måndag den 26/11 visar SVT filmen kl 22.00 på kanal 1